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Hello everyone!

I thought i’d kick start my blog with a little favourites post, sharing with you some products that I have been obsessed with at the minute! Some of these have been so hyped recently in the world of beauty and Youtube and I can honestly say, I am glad I invested in this first product.

1- The Jaclyn Hill x Morphe eyeshadow palette

For those of you who haven’t yet had the chance to get your hands on this, I am very glad to say that it is actually still in stock on Beauty Bay and I will link where to buy the palette here.

Trying to get hold of this palette was like some sort of intense mission, sat in a queue of over 10,000 on Beauty Bay was not my idea of fun, especially when it crashed mid way. But luckily I did manage to get my hands on one and I have loved using this for some bold and exciting eye looks. If you would like me to post any looks and tutorials with this palette please do comment below!

Please excuse how mucky this palette looks but I have been using this on a daily basis. This palette retails for £37, containing 35 eyeshadows i’d say that was a bargain per shadow pan, and the pigment of the shadows is insane! The palette has some neutral and more toned down shades in the top left corner, moving over into some warmer and more autumnal shades which are most definitely my favourites for a daily look. Then towards the bottom half of the palette we have on the right hand side some darker browns and a matte black, moving over to the left with some more daring and bold colours. These colours are very intense but so easy to blend, the shimmer shades look so good especially when applied with a damp brush. I love that this palette has something for everyone, from mattes to shimmers and from neutral to bold, definitely a palette where you could create endless looks!

Second on my list is another palette, smaller but with some more golden shades and something a little different but similar at the same time…

2: Juvia’s Place The Saharan Palette

For anyone who is interested in this palette, they do stock it on the Beauty Bay website but it is currently out of stock. When it does restock ( they have announced that there will be a restock but we don’t know when) it retails for £28. But in the mean time if you do want to get your hands on it and don’t mind it being shipped from America, you can purchase it here.

This palette was one of the first palettes that i invested in that was a little more bold and it was something that I didn’t have anything similar to in my collection.


I absolutely love this palette, the packaging in itself is just incredible. Within this palette you get 12 shadows and for £28 it works out roughly to just over £2 per shadow pan which for the quality of the shadows is an absolute bargain. This palette is perfect for warmer eye shadow looks. Even with 8 shimmer shades and 4 matte shades it isn’t difficult to create a look even for a less intense daily look. The matte shades consist of a neutral transition shade ‘Katsina’ which is a more orange-brown, ‘Jamila’ which is a more intense orange, ‘Sokoto’ which is the most intense shade in the palette, a beautiful bright orange-red shade and a matte black. I have done swatches of all the shades so that you can see how pigmented the shadows are and how good the shimmer shades are too, the gold especially! Definitely worth the money!

Now that i’ve done the palettes, the rest of my current favourites are all skincare and hair care related! I have dyed my hair more times than I can count on two hands, from Blonde to Ginger, Pink, Red and Dark/ Black. I have had long and short hair and in-between but now, aged 20, I have decided that darker hair is more me, suits me so much better and definitely miss my long hair! From all the bleach and dye, my hair has been quite damaged, so it will take a little while until my hair is back to being the healthiest it’s been.

Just to give a bit of an insight into my hair and where it is at now, I do suffer with psoriasis, and it sucks especially when my hairdresser puts the dye on my head. Its not the worst but it does mean that quite a lot of shampoos irritate my scalp. If you’d like a post on how I manage my hair with psoriasis then I’d be more than happy to do that! Please just let me know in the comments below. My hair is quite dry, especially once wet, its mid length with a blunt cut and a very dark Brown with copper undertones as my hair is bright Ginger under this.

3: Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo; The Delicate Soother.

If you do wish to purchase this shampoo, I did buy this from Tesco for £4 but it is currently on offer in Boots for £2.50 and you can buy this online here.


This shampoo, is a lifesaver. I usually use the Soak and Float Shampoo bar from Lush, but I did notice that once I use it for a few washes, as it is a natural bar it does leave some of the bits in my hair but it does leave my hair squeaky clean! However, I noticed the Garnier shampoo a couple of weeks ago in Tesco and noticed that it is specifically targeted towards sensitive scalps and fragile hair. This shampoo contains no parabens and it states that is “Soothes scalp, Nourishes, Softens and Protects hair.” I have been using this since I bought it and I have been loving it, my hair smells incredible and it doesn’t feel as dry once it is washed either which makes it so much easier!

Continuing with the hair products, once I have used this Shampoo and washed my hair I like to use a Detangle spray/ Leave in conditioner. I don’t condition my hair in the shower every time I was it as it does make it go greasy a lot quicker, once a week I do like to use a hair mask. But instead, I use the Johnson’s No More Tangles kids conditioner spray and comb through my hair.


4: Johnson’s No More Tangles Conditioner Spray.

Because of all the bleach and dye used on my hair, unless I use this I really struggle to get a brush or comb through my hair and it can often hurt my head to even try. If you would like to purchase this item online, it costs £2.59 and you can find it on the boots website here.


This conditioner spray is so good, and it has an incredible scent of apples! I have been using this for about a month and a half and have just passed the half way mark on the bottle. All I use is about 5 sprays through my hair, comb it through and leave it in, its super easy!

My final hair care favourite is a hair oil. I use a L’Oreal hair oil for coloured hair and it does the trick!

5: L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil Colour 100ml.

This product is a little more pricey but it does last, I have had this for months, since Victoria from In The Frow did a video on her hair care essentials, you can find her blog here. This product retails for £9.99 and comes in a variety of types depending on your hair, you can find it on the Superdrug website here.


This hair oil leaves my hair feeling so silky and smooth. I just use 2-3 pumps on my hands and massage it into my hair whilst it is damp, then brushing it through. It does have an incredible smell to it, and it lasts on your hair for so long. Since using this I have noticed a difference in my hair and it does seem like it is getting a lot healthier and less dry and damaged looking.

Moving onto skincare now, I have 3 favourites for this. First up is a mattifying toner from The Body Shop.

6: The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Mattifying Toner, 250ml.

I will admit, I didn’t believe that this was any good at first, but actually seeing the difference it  made on one of my favourite Youtube’s skin made me want to test it out. Incase you wanted to watch her videos, you can follow Sophie (Sophdoesnails) here.

For the 250ml bottle that I purchased it is £6 but for the 400ml it is £8, usually The Body Shop have 3 for 2 offers on, but this is definitely worth trying if you struggle with oily and acne prone skin.


My skin can be quite bad for spots, usually around my jawline, chin, some on my cheeks and my forehead and my skin is combination to oily. I bought this about 3 weeks ago now and use it ritually every night on a cotton cleansing pad, focusing on my problem areas, despite a few breakouts my skin is looking about 70% clearer and I couldn’t be happier! I am sticking with this as my toner and I will keep you updated on my Instagram!

The next product I have been loving is one of the Jeffree Star Lip Scrubs.

7: Jeffree Star Watermelon Gum Lip Scrub, 30g.

This lip scrub smells and tastes heavenly. It has such a strong flavour to it but not so overpowering to put you off. I did purchase mine from Beauty Bay for £12 ( you will notice a trend through my blog in times to come with Beauty Bay, its my go to makeup site) however it is sold out there and on the Jeffree Star website but you can have a look at his other exciting flavours here.


These lip scrubs have to be on a level with the Lush ones for me. I love them both as a Brand and Jeffree’s products are incredible quality, but Lush is just a little more affordable and a lot easier to access. The size of the Jeffree Star lip scrubs in comparison only differ by 5g against Lush’s 25g scrubs, but the flavour range is different. The packaging is stunning, rose gold and chrome. I love to use this once I cleanse my face before putting a lip balm on, or before using a liquid lipstick, those can be quite drying or if they are matte they can cling to any chapped areas, lip scrubs are perfect for preventing this.

Finally, we have a lip balm. I was torn between 2, one is a staple for me, Cherry Carmex, and the other was the Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm. This has been a new try for me but I love it!

8: Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm, 4.25g.

This lip balm has been a saviour of mine, especially now the weather is getting colder. It costs £3.99 which is a more pricey lip balm but it is worth it for the quality. If you fancy trying this product you can buy it on the Superdrug website here.


I have heard so many beauty bloggers raving about the Burt’s Bees lip balms for years, I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to try it but I love it! Especially this one, the Pomegranate flavour is so nice! I tend to switch between the Carmex Cherry in the squeezy tube and this one, depending on where I am. On the go I like to carry this in my pocket and at home and before bed I love the Carmex, I find it is a little more intense.

I have loved trying so many new products over the last couple of months and if you have any recommendations for any more you’d like to see a review on please do let me know! Or if you have tried any of these please do let me know what you thought too!

Until next time,

Shannon x


First Blog Post!


Welcome to my blog! This post is just a little introduction to my blog. In previous years I did have another blog but that has been inactive for a few years whilst I have been at Uni, so now I’m finally back into the swing of things I thought I would finally set my blog back up, clean start and a complete new theme! In between posts if you would like to see what I get up to then please feel free to follow me on Instagram @shannonavery !

I hope you enjoy!


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